BMW of North America reveals the pricing for their 2023 BMW Models. As expected, most, if not all, BMW models received a price increase for 2023. The price increases vary from as little as $150 in the case of the M340i / M340i xDrive to a whopping $4,200 for the M5. The X6 M also commands a premium compared to the previous model year since the 2023 version is going to set you back $4,100 more than before.

Even the new BMW i4 and iX gets a price bump for 2023. The BMW i4 M50 will now cost $67,300, an increase of $1,400, while the i4 eDrive40 goes up $500 to $55,900. The bespoke BMW iX crossover will sell for $84,100 (+$900). Even the BMW M3 goes up in price an now starts at $72,800 (+$2,700) for the rear-wheel drive version and $76,700 (+$3,700) for the Competition variant. Of course, the M4 gets the same price increase with the top model M4 Competition xDrive is now listed at $82,700.

BMW M4 Competition xDrive Test Drive 18 of 31 830x467

If you’re in the market for an M550i we have some bad news as that one too sees its price tag inflated for 2023 by $3,100. The ALPINA B8 is all of the sudden an eye-watering $5,000 more expensive than before while the M8 has had its price increased by $4,200. Certain options are also pricier than they were during the 2022MY. The front and rear heated seats (4HA option code) cost an extra $150 and the emergency spare wheel is a full $100 more than before. Various metallic paints and leather upholsteries will also cost you more, as will the heated armrests / steering wheel (4HB). The BMW M 50 Years Emblem is another interesting option for some models, including the i4 M50.

The most expensive BMW model sold in the United States is the ALPINA B8 Gran Coupe – $144,900. The BMW M8 Convertible sits right below that at $143,799. The full pricing list can be found below.

MSRP Pricing – Does not include $995 Destination

Model2023 MSRPChangeStart of Production
i4 eDrive40$55,900+$5007/2022
i4 M50$67,300+$1,4007/2022
iX xDrive50$84,100+$9007/2022
i7 xDrive60$119,3007/2022
228i sDrive Gran Coupe$36,600+$9007/2022
228 xDrive Gran Coupe$38,600+$9007/2022
M235i xDrive Gran Coupe$46,400+$9007/2022
230i Coupe$37,400+$1,0507/2022
Model2023 MSRPChangeStart of Production
230i xDrive Coupe$39,400+$1,0507/2022
M240i Coupe$47,900+$1,3507/2022
M240i xDrive Coupe$49,900+$1,3507/2022
330i Sedan$42,300+$8507/2022
330i xDrive Sedan$44,300+$8507/2022
330e Sedan$43,300+$3507/2022
330e xDrive Sedan$45,300+$3507/2022
M340i Sedan$54,850+$1507/2022
M340i xDrive Sedan$56,850+$1507/2022
M3 Sedan$72,800+$2,7007/2022
M3 Competition Sedan$76,700+$3,7007/2022
M3 Competition Sedan xDrive$80,800+$3,7007/2022
430i Coupe$47,400+$1,6007/2022
430i xDrive Coupe$49,400+$1,6007/2022
M440i Coupe$58,250+$1,5507/2022
M440i xDrive Coupe$60,250+$1,5507/2022
M4 Coupe$74,700+$2,7007/2022
M4 Competition Coupe$78,600+$3,7007/2022
M4 Competition Coupe xDrive$82,700+$3,7007/2022
M4 CSL$139,9007/2022
430i Gran Coupe$45,900+$7007/2022
M440i Gran Coupe$57,450+$1,2507/2022
M440i xDrive Gran Coupe$59,450+$1,2507/2022
430i Convertible$55,500+$2,2007/2022
430i xDrive Convertible$57,500+$2,2007/2022
M440i Convertible$66,250+$2,0507/2022
M440i xDrive Convertible$68,250+$2,0507/2022
M4 Competition Convertible xDrive$89,700+$3,2007/2022
Model2023 MSRPChangeStart of Production
530i Sedan$54,800+$6007/2022
530i xDrive Sedan$57,100+$6007/2022
530e Sedan$56,400+$8507/2022
530e xDrive Sedan$58,700+$8507/2022
540i Sedan$61,600+$1,6507/2022
540i xDrive Sedan$63,900+$1,6507/2022
M550i xDrive Sedan$79,900+$3,1007/2022
M5 Sedan$107,900+$4,2007/2022
760i xDrive$113,6007/2022
X1 xDrive28i (U11)$38,6007/2022
X2 sDrive28i$36,6003/2022
X2 xDrive28i$38,6003/2022
X3 sDrive30i$45,400+$1,7008/2022
X3 xDrive30i$47,400+$1,7008/2022
X3 M40i$59,950+$2,1508/2022
X3 M$72,900+$2,8009/2022
X4 xDrive30i$53,400+$1,6008/2022
X4 M40i$64,650+$2,2508/2022
X4 M$76,400+$2,8009/2022
X5 sDrive40i$61,600+$1,0008/2022
X5 xDrive40i$63,900+$1,0008/2022
X5 xDrive45e$65,700+$2,0008/2022
X5 M50i$85,400+$2,6008/2022
X5 M$108,900+$2,8008/2022
Model2023 MSRPChangeStart of Production
X6 xDrive40i$70,100+$2,7508/2022
X6 M50i$89,100+$2,8508/2022
X6 M$113,700+$4,1008/2022
X7 xDrive40i$77,850+$2,9508/2022
X7 M60i$103,1008/2022

Mid-Model Year 2023 Price Changes

ModelInitial 2023 MSRPNew 2023 MSRPChange
430i xDrive Gran Coupe$47,200$47,900+$200
840i Coupe$85,000$87,500+$2,500
840i xDrive Coupe$87,900$90,400+$2,500
M850i xDrive Coupe$99,900$102,500+$2,600
M8 Coupe$130,000$134,100+$4,100
840i Convertible$94,400$97,100+$2,700
840i xDrive Convertible$97,300$100,000+$2,700
M850i xDrive Convertible$109,400$112,500+$2,700
M8 Convertible$139,500$143,700+$4,200
840i Gran Coupe$85,000$87,500+$2,500
840i xDrive Gran Coupe$87,900$90,400+$2,500
M850i xDrive Gran Coupe$99,900$102,500+$2,600
M8 Gran Coupe$130,000$134,100+$4,100
ALPINA B8 Gran Coupe$139,900$144,900+$5,000
iX M60$105,100$108,900+$3,800
Z4 sDrive30i$49,900$51,500+$1,600
Z4 M40i$63,700$65,300+$1,600