The backdrop of Italy’s breathtaking Lake Como can make anything look beautiful. You could park a rusty old Fiat Panda on the lawn at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este and you’d still be envisioning a scenic drive in it, with a supermodel in the passenger seat, hair blowing in the wind, and champagne in the picnic basket. So maybe it’s a bit unfair to say that the Rolls-Royce Boat Tail looked stunning on the shores of Lake Como but it did.

This Boat Tail is the second of three to ever be made. The first one debuted at last year’s Concorso and, while the owners of the first $28 million Roller were never officially announced, it was rumored Jay-Z and Beyonce were the buyers. No word on this new buyer but he’s said to be someone with a massive collection of both modern and classic cars, which seems obvious.

As you can see, this second Boat Tail is pretty brown. Obviously, that’s not what its paint is called, and Rolls-Royce might have me executed for just called it brown, but it’s painted in several different lovely shades of brown. I could never describe its color with as many superlatives as Rolls-Royce, so I’ll leave it to the experts in opulence. According to Rolls, the color is “a shimmering blend of oyster and soft rose, with large white and bronze mica flakes adding a unique pearlescent quality that changes subtly under different light conditions. The contrasting cognac-colored bonnet, created specifically for this Boat Tail, contains fine bronze and gold colored aluminum mica flakes complete with a layer of crystal and iced matt clear coat, adding significant warmth and depth to the car’s appearance. The technical fiber lower sills of Boat Tail incorporate a rose gold woven thread.”

Being a Rolls-Royce Boat Tail, its main event is at the back. The rear deck of the car looks like that of a hyper-expensive speedboat, made from Royal Walnut, and it’s gorgeous. But there’s function to the form, too. The lovely Walnut deck opens up to serve all sorts of goodies, such as champagne, dinnerware, and even a very cool pop-up umbrella.

Whoever buys this car, I hope they drive it often because it’s a lovely bespoke car that needs to be used and seen. It can’t sit in a garage, collecting dust (joke’s on me, garages that expensive have dust extraction systems). It needs to see the sun, so that incredible paint can catch its light just right, to truly be appreciated. It needs to be used and enjoyed. So I hope that whoever has the ability to drop $28 million on a single car is brave enough to actually use it.