One of the hardest things to do in our business is waiting for an embargo to expire. And the embargo on the BMW M4 CSL was the toughest of all. Firstly, we filmed the car months ago in a closed room in Munich, so the lead time to the start of communication was quite long. Secondly, this is one of the most exciting M products in the recent history of the brand, so naturally we couldn’t wait to share it with you.

Of course, BMW had their own plans with endless teasers, and then earlier today a full leak popped up on social media. But now, it’s our turn to introduce you the G82 BMW M4 CSL. In the video below, Marc goes over the technical details of the M4 CSL – which are quite exciting – before diving into the exterior and interior design of the car. He also goes over the weight savings which total 100 kilos compared to the BMW M4 Competition.

Lots of weight savings

BMW M gave the M4 a diet for CSL-duty. Lightweight carbon fiber bucket seats shaved 24 kg off the Competition’s curb weight. Another 21 kg was saved by deleting the rear seats and rear seatbelt assemblies. Extra-lightweight carbon ceramic brakes, lighter wheels, new springs, and new struts, all combined to reduce weight by another 21 kg.

BMW dropped another 15 kg by ditching much of the M4 CSL’s soundproofing and switching some of it over to a lighter-weight version. Carbon fiber exterior bits reduced weight by 11 kg, with another four kg being lost by switching to  titanium exhaust silencers. Lastly, another four kg was saved by using lighter weight bits throughout the car, such as the carbon fiber hood, different kidney grilles, rear lights, floor mats, and automatic climate control.

Revised S58 Engine

The M4 CSL’s version of the S58 engine–a 3.0 liter twin-turbo inline-six–makes 550 PS (543 horsepower) and 479 lb-ft of torque. That’s up 47 horses from the M4 Competition but has the same torque. Though, nothing crazy was done to make the extra power. Only a simple software tune and an increase in boost pressure were needed to get the desired 550 horsepower, as the S58 is already a pretty advanced engine by itself.

There are some cool new features of the engine, though, such as are significantly stiffer engine mounts, with spring rates up from the M4 Competition’s 580 N/mm on the left side and 900 N/mm on the right side to 1,000 N/mm on both sides. It also gets a lighter-weight oil sump and an indirect intercooler with electric coolant pump. As expected, the M4 CSL exclusively uses an eight-speed automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive.

According to BMW, the M4 CSL is capable of lapping the Nürburgring 7:20.2, which is still quite a bit slower than the Porsche 911 GT3, which did it in 6:59,927. Base MSRP is $139,900 plus $995 destination, production begins in July 2022.

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Here is our exclusive video of the BMW M4 CSL: