We are mere hours away from the BMW M4 CSL’s world premiere but someone was a bit too anxious and decided to break the embargo. To the dismay of BMW, the Coupe Sport Lightweight is making the rounds on social media where official photos of the track-focused machine have been published. The leak is accurate as it perfectly matches what the numerous teasers have been showing in recent days.

From the yellow daytime running lights and red body accents to the ducktail spoiler à la M3 CSL E46 and the stripped-out two-seat cabin, we have more than enough cues confirming this is indeed the real deal. We get to discover the carbon fiber roof has two red fins that create a visual connection with the hood, which the final teaser alluded would be made from carbon fiber as well.


Elsewhere, the M4 CSL is getting a comprehensive aero pack with a front spoiler lip featuring sizeable endplates. Chunky side skirts and a more aggressive rear diffuser are noticeable as well, with all these new body parts made from carbon fiber to keep weight in check. When BMW will unveil the car later today, expect it to shave off roughly 100 kg (220 lbs) over a rear-wheel-drive M4 Competition.

Although the M3 Sedan is switching to iDrive 8 this summer to echo the forthcoming M3 Touring, the M4 CSL appears to have the previous-generation infotainment without the fancy curved display. That won’t be much of a problem since people eager to get their hands on the M4 GTS’ successor are primarily interested in performance.

That extra oomph will come not only from the drastic diet but also after massaging the S58 engine to deliver more than the 503 horsepower available in the M4C. A manual gearbox is sadly not in the offing, but enthusiasts can see the glass half full by keeping in mind the CSL will be exclusively offered with RWD.

Check back later today to find out all there is to know about the M4 CSL. People interested in getting their hands on the much-hyped coupe will want to act fast since our sources have told us only about 1,000 cars will be produced.

Source: cochespias / Instagram