Back in 2017, Rolls-Royce released the eight-generation Phantom, fourteen years after the seventh-gen Phantom’s initial release back in 2003. The new Phantom VIII was not only a quantum leap forward, in terms of luxury and technology, but it drastically updated Rolls-Royce’s design language for the modern era. Now, the Phantom VIII has received a facelift, to improve upon what Rolls-Royce already calls the best car in the world.

Visually, all changes to the facelifted Phantom are quite minimal, as per usual with Rolls-Royce. Though, the changes that have been made do make a difference. For instance, the aluminum horizontal bar that sits at the top of Rolls’ signature Pantheon grille does give it more presence, even if it’s a very minor new detail. The vertical bars in the grille are now also illuminated, taking a page out of the new Ghost’s book.

Another very subtle but neat little new detail is the starlight pattern in the headlights. The inside bezel of the headlights is now laser-etched, to give off a similar starlight pattern as the headliner inside the car. Gimmicky? A bit. Cool? Absolutely.

For the first time ever, Rolls-Royce is now offering very stylish looking wheels for the Phantom. Previously, Rolls-Royce wheels were always sort of reserved and elegant but there’s a new 3D-milled, stainless steel wheel with triangular faces, to offer a sportier, more stylish looking wheel design. However, there’s also a classic disc wheel design that’s absolutely killer, which can either be finished in polished metal or black lacquer.

Adding even more style to the otherwise normally reserved Rolls-Royce Phantom, customers can now choose to darken the grille trim, window trim, and bonnet reigns, adding a more youthful look.

Inside, even Rolls-Royce admits almost nothing has been changed. Though, when you call your car the best in the world, it’s hard to admit to needing many changes. According to Rolls, the Phantom is being bought more and more by customers who prefer to actually drive the car, rather than be driven by a chauffeur, so the steering wheel has been made a bit thicker, for a more engaging feel.

There are, though, some new options for the cabin, such as new Art Gallery displays, trim options, and material choices. Of course, as with all Rollers, the options really don’t end at the factory choices. If you want Rolls to trim you car with the bones of a Pharaoh, the craftsmen in Goodwood can probably make it happen.

The newly updated Rolls-Royce Phantom is now capable of being connected to the brand’s own service, Whispers. Through Whispers, customers can use their mobile app to send directions to the car or even check its status.

Rolls-Royce also showed off a new bespoke creation, the Phantom Platino. It’s named after the color of platinum and its cabin looks like Mr. Knight, from Marvel’s new Moon Knight series, trimmed it out. To be fair to Mr. Knight’s Phantom, the interior fabric was impressively made using two different fabrics; one from an Italian mill and the other from bamboo fibers. The iced wood trim is unique and even the clock trim is made from 3D printed ceramic. Attention to detail, as always with Rolls-Royce, borders on lunacy.

The newly Rolls-Royce Phantom is as expected; slight improvements on an already astonishing luxury car. Though, those slight improvements do seem to make a substantial difference.