So, you’ve read about the new BMW G70 7 Series all over the internet now, maybe even diving deep enough to learn about some of the amazing new features. Maybe it was the 31.3” Theater Screen that makes “Pimp My Ride” blush, maybe it was the unapologetic exterior design choices, or maybe you’ve just decided you’re finally bored of your Tesla-themed vanity plate and have decided to switch teams. Either way, you’ve found yourself interested in the BMW i7 xDrive60 – BMW’s fully electric 7 Series – and want to pre-order. Here’s how the process works. Before we begin: a lot of people missed out on the pre-orders for the iX and i4 in 2021. As a result:

Step 1: Pre-Ordering

By visiting the official i7 Pre-Order page, you can navigate to the top right hand corner of the page and click “Pre-Order”. This will allow you to enter your ZIP code, and then prompt you with the BMW dealer responsible for that ZIP code. Clicking “Select” will allow you to move on. Close out the side bar on the next screen, with the “X” next to the banner telling you who your dealer is. Click “Pre-Order Now”, select your desired payment option, and proceed by ordering with Credit Card or Checkout with Paypal, whatever payment method you want.

Fun fact: BMW also has a helpful “FAQ” tab toward the bottom of the screen, which answers a lot of additional questions you might have.

Step 2: Dealer Contact

After successfully completing the pre-order process, your information will be forwarded to the BMW dealership you selected in the first portion of the pre-order. More than likely, they’ll reach out and confirm your interest in the vehicle. Since right now, most dealers don’t have much more information than the general public regarding the i7, this part is more about establishing a connection between you and the store and giving the customer a reference point going forward.

Step 3: Ordering and Confirming Production

Once BMW dealers can start submitting orders for the i7 (likely sometime early this summer), a client advisor from your store will reach out and configure your build. This sometimes goes live much earlier than the “Build Your Own” on the BMW of North America website does, so some dealerships may enter “placeholders” until the configurator goes live – since most people prefer to build and see the vehicle with their own eyes.

After the configurator goes live, you’ll build your BMW i7 and give it to your contact at the dealership, who’ll have the car built to your specifications.

Based on the timeline the i4 and iX campaign has followed, it will likely be a couple months later – think early Q4 2022 – that all these pre-orders will start to be truly fulfilled, being assigned production numbers and confirmed build dates from BMW AG (Germany). These will be confirmed in the order in which they received, so it’s always better to get your pre-order in earlier. The BMW i7 will presumably follow a predictable production cycle as other German-made BMWs – roughly 45-60 days from production date until dealer delivery (depending on location).

The i7 xDrive60 promises to be an exciting addition to the already exciting stable of BMWs electric fleet. Based on demand for the current i4 and iX, it might not be a bad idea to pre-order if you have even the slightest interest in the car – after all, pre-orders can be canceled and refunded at any point of the process.