Ask most BMW enthusiasts which M3 is best and the answer will almost unanimously be the E46-generation M3. Sure, there may be a few E30 and E92 stans that will chime in but the most common answer will be the E46, and for good reason. Its 3.2-liter naturally-aspirated inline-six is a thing of joy, its steering is meaty and pure, and it still looks great today. But there have also been some other truly great driving M3s. Is the E46 really the peak? In this new video from Goodwood Road and Racing, host Becky Evans drives it to find out.

Evans drives an owner’s E46 BMW M3 Convertible in this new video, which is interesting because if you were to ask most enthusiasts about the greatness of the E46 M3, the Convertible probably wouldn’t even come up. Not that the Convertible is bad but it certainly isn’t as sharp or as precise as the coupe, due to losing a bit of rigidity from the lack of roof and the added weight, from the roof mechanism and added structural bracing.

On the flip-side of that coin, the E46 M3 Convertible offers something the coupe can’t — added noise. The 3.2-liter free-breathing inline-six makes 333 horsepower and the most glorious metallic straight-six noise is heard early on in this video.

The owner of this car is one of many and it wasn’t exactly cared for much before his ownership. However, he’s paid the money and put in the proper care it requires and now he uses it as a daily driver. Thankfully, his car is a six-speed manual version, which is superior to the annoying SMG, so it should increase in value as time goes on.

Evans then drives the car, though, to see if it truly is a future classic and the peak of the BMW M3. Check it out.