This might be the wildest car collection of BMW M3 E92 models in the whole world! According to Drew Leslie, the owner of this impressive garage, the BMW M3 E92 Skittles Collection is worth $750,000. It’s not only one of the most expensive BMW M3 E92 collections in the world, if not the most expensive, but also one that features some unique BMW M3 E92 limited edition runs. In this video, you will see the BMW M3 E92 Lime Rock Park, BMW M3 E92 Frozen Blue, BMW M3 Dakar Yellow, BMW M3 Speed Yellow, BMW M3 Frozen Silver, BMW M3 Frozen Black, and much more.

The standout for us is the limited edition BMW M3 Lime Rock Park, a car that we’ve recently tested and fell in love with. The Lime Rock E92 M3 is a pretty spectacular car to drive. Its 4.0 liter naturally-aspirated screamer of a V8 makes 414 horsepower and just 295 lb-ft of torque but it revs past 8,200 rpm and makes a noise that would shame many new cars. Being a Lime Rock model, it comes with the Competition Package as-standard, lowered suspension, and 19″ wheels. It also came with a couple of unique color options, this one being the highly desirable Fire Orange.

The well-known S65 engine delivered 295 lb-ft to the rear axle through the standard manual or optional seven-speed, dual-clutch automatic. BMW added a plaque on the center console to denote its exclusivity: “One of 200.” It originally cost $70,995, but recent ones sold for $95,000. So needless to say, this is a very special BMW M3 E92.

Other models in Drew’s collection include a Frozen Blue, Frozen Black and Frozen Silver M3, and our second favorite: E92 M3 in Java Green. Every single one of these models went through a PPI (pre-purchase inspection) performed by Precision Sport Industries. They are also up of for sale on But to learn more about the cars and what makes them special, we teamed up with PSI and Drew to take you behind the scenes in this heavenly garage. [YouTube]