An exciting 10-minute montage from the Nürburgring shows the upcoming BMW M duo undergoing final testing. Granted, the spy video is mostly about the M2 G87, but every now and then, the M4 CSL makes an appearance. Both rear-wheel-drive coupes have the S58 engine under the hood, but with a considerable power gap.

The inline-six will supposedly make up to 450 horsepower in the M2 whereas the M4 CSL is believed to have roughly 530 hp. Should you want the more powerful car, rumor has it that the bigger of the two potent M cars is going to be automatic-only. For those willing to settle for less power to have a stick shift, the baby M car will be the one to get.

Photos by wilcoblok on Instagram

It goes without saying the CSL will be substantially more expensive what with it being a stripped-out, limited-run special edition. Some say the M2 will also receive the Coupe Sport Lightweight treatment, but it’s too soon to know for sure. The only certainty we have for the moment is the M4 CSL will debut in May. In the coming months, we’ll also see the M2, M3 Touring, and the XM.

If the M4’s big kidneys are still bothering you, rest assured the M2 won’t have the inflated grille. The two will have something else in common aside from the engine as they’ll feature BMW’s iDrive 8. More and more models are getting it, with the 7 Series G70 and i7 introduced yesterday and the i3 Sedan earlier this month being the latest examples.

Excluding any potential limited models, the M2 could go down in history as the last series M with a manual gearbox. At the same time, it could also be the swan song for an M model powered exclusively by a combustion engine. Mild hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and EVs are gradually taking over, so if you want a pure ICE experience, the clock is ticking.

Source: Automotive Mike / YouTube