Some people love to hate the XXL grille of the BMW M4 G82, but the sales numbers speak for themselves. In 2021, the M division sold 163,542 cars to set an all-time record while boosting deliveries by 13% compared to the year before. Even though BMW doesn’t break down the numbers per model, it’s safe to say the new M3 and M4 were the driving forces behind the jump in demand.

That’s not to say sales couldn’t have been better as we’re positive some people avoided the M4 G82 because of its inflated kidneys. Thankfully, Vorsteiner has figured out a way to cater to those who believe BMW made a mistake while designing the front fascia. Rather than slimming down the grille, the tuner simply got rid of it altogether.

Known as the carbon aero grille delete touring edition, the kit has two panels to replace the OEM horizontal slats. Vorsteiner keeps the “M4” logo along with the parking sensors. In addition, the radar for the cruise control and safety systems is also retained. The carbon fiber panels work best on a dark car like this, which has a splitter with the same finish.

Making changes for cosmetic purposes is one thing, but we can’t help but wonder whether it negatively impacts the engine. At the end of the day, the grille – regardless of how it looks – serves a functional purpose. It needs to cool down the engine, so blocking the airflow could have serious repercussions on the S58.

Vorsteiner “Fixes” The M4 G82’s Design In A Surprising Way

Consequently, overheating is a matter of when rather than if. Unless Vorsteiner has found a way to keep the inline-six unit running at optimal temperatures. It does look interesting, but we’d be worried about damaging the twin-turbo 3.0-liter engine since it can no longer “breathe”.

If the carbon aero grille delete is your cup of tea, Vorsteiner is taking preorders as of April 1. The panels are also compatible with the M3 Sedan and the forthcoming M3 Touring. The kit costs $80 for the sedan, $81 for the wagon, and $82 for the coupe.

Source: Vorsteiner / Facebook