With 627 horsepower on tap, the M5 CS currently holds the title for the most powerful production BMW ever. However, the tuning scene has shown us on repeated occasions you can squeeze out ludicrous power from far lesser cars. Case in point, this is a 1 Series, albeit it comes from a time it still had an inline-six engine.

Yes, it’s an M140i, but the days when its B58 made “only” 335 horsepower are long gone. Owned by YouTuber hampshirephoto, the Bavarian hot hatch arrived at Pure Turbos to have its forced induction completely revamped. It was already a stage 2 before entering the workshop in Belgium. Once it got there, it hit dyno to produce 480 crank horsepower, with 407 hp going to the wheels.

Then the time came to remove the original turbocharger and install the bigger unit part of the Pure800 Stage 3 Package. As if that wasn’t enough, the M140i got a Beast exhaust system. Back on the dyno after receiving the mods, the B58 made 567 hp crank and 483 hp wheel. After being remapped, the numbers went substantially up to 617 hp and 525 hp, respectively.

The M140i Went From Hot Hatch To Hyper Hatch

With E30 fuel (70% gasoline and 30% ethanol), the M140i was developing a meaty 670 hp crank and 570 whp with the standard ECU. After it was flashed, the inline-six engine was making a whopping 730 hp at the crank, with 620 hp going to the wheels. Having this much power in such a small car is quite intimidating, and even without ethanol, it should be quite the firecracker.

It’s only a matter of time before we’ll see the hatchback with supercar levels of power in a drag race. In the meantime, it’s heading to Germany for high-speed runs on the glorious Autobahn. We are eager to see some hard launches rather than its outright top speed, although that should be quite impressive as well.

Source: hampshirephoto / YouTube