Traditional Rolls-Royce customers might find Black Badge models in poor taste, due to their all black everything, including even the Spirit of Ecstasy. However, younger Rolls customers love Black Badge models so much that they’ve become some of the brand’s best sellers. In this new video from The Straight Pipes, we get to see why younger customers will love the all-new Rolls-Royce Ghost Black Badge.

This new Rolls-Royce Ghost is actually among the most impressive cars the brand has ever built, despite being the least expensive model in the brand’s lineup. Its sound insulation is actually better than more expensive Rollers and its tech is improved over them as well, due to it being the newest Rolls-Royce model. In fact, it was initially so quiet inside that it felt uneasy, causing Rolls to actually add some subtle, soothing sound frequencies back into the cabin.

Only Jakub is featured in this review, without his usual partner Yuri. Without Yuri, Jakub decided to bring his wife and baby along for the trip with Rolls-Royce. During that time, the Roller was able to easily accommodate a car seat for the baby — not something you often think about with a Rolls — and its massive trunk was able to swallow all of their bags and a stroller. It’s actually shockingly impressive when you see it in the video. Very few sedan trunks can handle that much luggage with such ease.

But what’s it actually like to drive? As Jakub points out, the Ghost is among the most comfortable cars ever made because it has “suspension for its suspension” and he’s right. The Rolls-Royce Ghost uses a secondary damper for its upper wishbones, which is as simple as a smaller wishbone arm that has rubber bushings on it. That secondary damper reduces the low frequency vibrations from the road. It’s incredibly simple and yet incredibly effective.

The Rolls-Royce Ghost Black Badge might look flashier than a traditional Roller, with its all black everything, but it’s actually every bit as refined and luxurious as any other Rolls. Plus, it’s stylish and practical enough to attract younger audiences.