Most people already know what Black Badge stands for in the Rolls-Royce line-up. If you didn’t already know, we’ll get into it in a moment. Over time, ever since the first modern-day Black Badge model was introduced, we’ve seen this choice offered in an increasing number of models. From the Wraith and Dawn versions, to the Cullinan and now the Ghost. Chances are we’ll get to see the same treatment applied to the Phantom, even though the double-R company denies such possible contraptions.

The Black Badge treatment means you get a car that was specifically designed to squeeze a bit more performance out from under the hood and infuse a bit more adrenaline into your body. Think of Black Badge models as a sort of M alternative to the usual way of doing things at Rolls-Royce, if you will. Of course, if you do that, you still have to keep the proportions in mind. Don’t expect a Black Badge model to be nowhere near as dynamic as an M car, but they are faster and more agile than their ‘regular’ counterparts.

Photo by James Lipman for Rolls-Royce

The people from Drive Australia had a few minutes at their disposal with a Black Badge Ghost, which is the most recent and most advanced model in the range. According to Rolls-Royce, the Black Badge customers are bold, innovators and not afraid to take risks, while also looking for a bit of fun. Considering amount of power that 6.75-liter twin-turbo V12 delivers (692 HP/664 lb-ft of torque), even a car this size can probably pin your skull against the headrest.

But more power than the base model is not all that a Black Badge model brings. You also get a new suspension, bigger brakes and a new exhaust that brings that 12-cylinder heart under the hood to life. As one would expect, in terms of design you’ll notice that certain elements of the car have been blacked out, including the … badge, of course!