In our newest episode of the BMWBLOG Podcast, we talk to the two hosts of The Straight Pipes Jakub Wrobel and Yuri Tereshyn. The two Canadians have had their YouTube channel for several years now and have amassed a very impressive 1.47 million subscribers, making their channel one of the most successful automotive channels on YouTube. Both Jakub and Yuri were kind enough to join us and we had great, long conversation about all sorts of things. What we talked about most, though, was their successful channel; how they got started and what they’ve learned over the years; and the best BMWs they’ve driven.

The former topic is maybe a selfish one, as I think all YouTube channels could learn from their success. Jakub started the channel on his own many years ago, only showing the exhaust notes of cars, hence the name “The Straight Pipes”. Then he asked his longtime friend Yuri to join the channel, who had videography experience, and the rest is history. Since they’ve been working together, they’ve become one of the most popular car channels in North America, consistently putting out great content and car reviews.

Over the years, they’ve driven many BMWs. However, while they’ve loved several of those Bimmers, neither of them are exactly BMW-specific enthusiasts. So it was interesting to get their perspective on different BMWs and how their opinions are similar and different from ours. For instance, our opinions on the BMW M2 CS were all the same but we felt differently about the BMW M5 CS.

It’s a great conversation, and a long one (we got a bit carried away), so please have a listen and check out The Straight Pipes on YouTube. As always, the podcast can be found anywhere you get your podcasts; Apple, Google, Spotify, and Stitcher, as well as YouTube, and don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel to catch all the latest BMW-related videos! Check it out!