German car companies have a knack for creating great cars that really work for everyday life and then not selling them in the US. Therefore, it can be frustrating for us American-based BMW enthusiasts watching Europe get all the cool wagons. One of those cool new BMW models is the upcoming BMW X1 electric. But according to our sources, the BMW iX1 won’t be coming to the US market, which is incredibly disappointing.

Admittedly, the door is still open for the iX1 in the US in the future but, for now, the electrified BMW X1 is alledgedly staying east of the Atlantic. We weren’t told why BMW isn’t going to bring the iX1 ‘Stateside but it might have something to do with either the driving range or with the iX being the main focus in the United States for BMW.

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Of course, it’s not hard to believe that a BMW iX1, if priced appropriately, wouldn’t do well in America. For starters, we love small crossovers, they’re the best selling cars in America. Premium ones really make customers go nuts. America is also taking to electrification well, as cars like the Tesla Model Y have been selling very well. Which makes it seem as if a BMW iX1 would actually be quite popular in America.

When it debuts, the BMW iX1 will be built on the same FAAR front-wheel drive architecture as the standard X1, which is coming to America. That means it likely use dual electric motors, making it all-wheel drive, and it will boast BMW’s latest battery technology. None of those things are new to the iX1, as they’ll all be on other various Bimmers, such as the standard X1 and other electric models. So it’s peculiar that the iX1 will stay in Europe.

It’s unfortunate the BMW iX1 won’t come to America, at least right away. It will likely be a good little family car, one that will also look good and drive well, while also being all-electric. Hopefully BMW sees value in the US market after a little while and brings it over.

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