Our friend Joe Achilles recently had the chance to properly test drive the BMW M240i xDrive and we’ve interested to see what his opinion on it is, for a couple of reasons. Not only does Achilles own the previous-generation BMW M2, which provides a great benchmark for the M240i, but he also owns the current BMW M3 Competition, which is BMW’s best driving car on sale at the moment. Both of his cars give him great reference points by which to compare the M240i. So what does he think?

This video marks his first drive of the BMW M240i in the UK. He previously drove the M240i in Germany but that can provide drastically different results than driving a car in the UK, as German roads are near-perfect. UK roads can be bumpy, have unusual camber changes, and feature sketchy potholes, especially on back roads. So what sort of second impression does the M240i make, especially with UK roads involved?

Achilles’ findings are actually interesting. There’s a lot to like about the BMW M240i but it’s certainly not perfect. While I personally said in my review of the M240i that it’s the best driving non-M BMW on sale, that’s more of an indictment of the rest of BMW’s lineup than praise for the M240i.

There’s no doubt the BMW M240i is bonkers quick, thanks to its 382 horsepower 3.0 liter turbo-I6. It’s also surprisingly capable, agile, and comfortable. However, it does lack engagement and steering feel. In fact, Achilles even mentions that one of the M240i’s main competitors — the Audi RS3 Sportback — has superior steering feel and is actually slightly more fun to drive. When a massive BMW fan is praising an Audi’s steering and feedback over a BMW coupe, there must be some real issues with the Bimmer.

All in all, the BMW M240i is a great car but it’s not perfect. Though, it is unique in the market, as there aren’t a lot of small, rear-wheel drive (or at least rear-biased) coupes with six-cylinder engines in its price range. Plus, when you look at its performance compared to some of its proper M car cousins, the M240i actually looks like a great value.