The Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance is back, after being postponed due to Covid, and it’s bigger than ever. As per usual, the cars on display were breathtaking, a blend of iconic classics, vintage race cars, and ultra-rare collector’s cars. BMW was among the brands on hand and used the event to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the M Division.

Typically, we’re used to the sorts of vehicles seen at Concours events. Not to sound jaded or ungrateful but we’ve been to enough events such as these to know which BMWs will show up. It’s also not like BMW’s gained new historic classics. However, at this year’s Amelia Island Concours, BMW truly brought out the big guns, the likes of which are rarely seen. For instance, the BMW V12 LMR was on hand, one of the absolute coolest race cars in BMW’s history. Its McLaren F1-derivd V12 engine, incredibly lightweight body, and killer aerodynamics made it an astonishing race car. We’ve seen the LMR race in person, at Laguna Seca, during Monterey Car Week, and it’s every bit as excited as you’d imagine it to be. The sound of that V12 will send shivers down your spine.

Another fan-favorite Bimmer was the classic BMW 328, from the ’30s, which had taken part in a road rally back in 2002. The 328 is an iconic BMW, due to its win at Mille Miglia, and it’s still one of the prettiest shapes to ever come from Bavaria. At the 2022 Amelia Concours d’Elegance, the 328 Roadster too home the top prize in the Race Cars Pre-War Category.

Rolls-Royce was well represented as well with a range of Silver Ghost models ranging from 1910 to 1924. Notable entries were a 1910 Silver Ghost, 1914 Silver Ghost Touring and a 1924 Silver Ghost Piccadilly Roadster.Other Rolls-Royces that took home awards are a 1934 Phantom I and 1937 Phantom III.

Obviously, there were more than just classic Bimmers on hand. Legendary cars from Ferrari, Porsche, and Ford were also, predictably, in attendance. The Amelia hands out two “best in show” awards. The main award is the overall Best in Show, and this year it’s the 1934 Duesenberg J-531 Convertible Coupe. The Best in Show for “Sport” award went to a 2017 Cadillac DPi-V.R racing car.

All Concours events are nirvana for car nerds, as they provide up close looks at cars you’ll almost certainly never see outside of such events. We’re fortunate enough to attend, so check out our photo gallery to see some of the world’s greatest, most special cars.