Polestar is a brand determined on becoming a mainstream electric automaker. While it’s still relatively unknown, the Swedish EV brand has already launched two very cool new cars (the Polestar 1 and 2), is working on a third (the Polestar 5), and it’s readying another — the Polestar 02 Concept.

The new Polestar 02 Concept (named after the chemical compound of oxygen) is an open-top roadster, built on the same new platform as the upcoming four-door Polestar 5, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. Polestar has done an excellent job of making it look unmistakably like a Polestar but also giving it classic mid-engine proportions, despite it not actually having an engine. Interestingly, it’s also a 2+2, with a very small backseat, a rarity in cars that look like the 02 Concept.

With incredibly short overhangs, muscular rear haunches, big wheels inside massive fender flares, and tall C-pillar all combine to make an incredible new but also familiar look. I get hints of the new Lotus Emira, some Jaguar F-Type up front, and of course some Volvo. If the Polestar 02 Concept were to go on sale today, it’d immediately be one of the very best looking cars on the road. And, if/when it does ever make it to production, it will likely look similar to this concept, as it’s already very similar to the previous Polestar Precept Concept, which is said to become the Polestar 5.

There’s no word on potential powertrains but expect it to pack more of a punch than the current Polestar 2′s dual-motor powertrain, which makes 408 horsepower. No word on battery, either, but the 2 uses a 78 kWh battery that provides around 270 miles of range. The 02 Concept would be both lighter and more aerodynamic than the 2, so it’d like get better range.

The closest thing BMW’s ever offered to an open-top EV experience was the BMW i8, which allowed for a little bit of drop-top, all-electric driving but it was limited to very slow speeds and for only a few miles. BMW needs to put out an EV roadster like this, potentially a Z4 or Z8 successor. I seriously hope the Polestar 02 Concept comes to life, as it’s a breathtakingly gorgeous car and the market needs more EV roadsters. Cars like the 02 Concept will make EVs exciting and fun, rather than just a sea of sedans and people movers. If brands want customers to get excited about electrifications, it’s cars like the 02 Concept that will make it happen.