The current BMW 3 Series is ready for its LCI facelift, as it nears its life cycle’s mid-point. With that update, the G20 3 Series will get some slightly revamped exterior styling, potentially some tech upgrades inside, and maybe some new color options. In some new spy photos, you can see some of those updates, as well as some of its M Performance Parts upgrades. (We don’t own the photos but they can be seen here)

In these new photos, we can see a BMW M340i LCI wearing camo at the front and the back, as well as M Performance exterior add-ons. How can we tell it’s an M340i? The M Performance-style kidney grille insert, which seems to have active grille shudders, its M-style side mirrors, and the trapezoidal exhausts give it away. That means it will get BMW’s latest B58 engine, which should bring the same 48-volt mild hybrid setup as the M440i.

As for the M Performance parts, this car clearly has a lower front lip spoiler, that looks new, and a large fixed rear wing. These sort of M Performance parts aren’t anything new but they do look cool on the 3 Series.

The exterior LCI updates we can see in these photos are the new headlights, which now lack the G20’s signature notches. Instead, they’re now similar to the 4 Series’ slimmer headlights. While they look good, I’ll personally miss the G20’s little notches. Another addition is the aforementioned M-style side mirror design. The current pre-LCI M340i has standard 3 Series side mirrors but all recent M Performance cars have been getting proper M Division-style mirrors. Some enthusiasts like this new look but others feel it dilutes the M Division’s styling.

We should see the newly facelifted G20 3 Series sometime later this year and hopefully it keeps what’s so well liked about the current car while improving on what’s lacking.

[Source: Autocar]