This new BMW 2 Series is an interesting car. Objectively speaking, it’s better than its predecessor in every way. However, its new design and focus on a more premium feel have made some enthusiasts a bit apprehensive about it, especially now that it’s even more expensive than before. So Matt Farah and Zack Klapman from The Smoking Tire check out the new BMW M240i to see if ticks all the right boxes.

When I last drove the BMW M240i, I was impressed. I thought it was the best driving non-M car BMW currently makes. Its B58 is impressive, with its 382 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque, its all-wheel drive grip is immense, and its performance rivals genuine M cars. But is it actually fun enough to drive to warrant its $58,000 (as-tested) price tag?

On paper, this new BMW M240i shouldn’t be an upgrade over the previous generation. Its heavier, its all-wheel drive, and it’s automatic-only. As far as enthusiast cars go, that’s a recipe for disaster. However, on the road, especially a road as twisty as the stunning mountain road in this video, it’s actually very good.

Its best quality seems to be its suspension. Its ability to comfortably absorb bumps while also staying flat and planted is seriously impressive. Even more than that, though, is just how well it maintains its contact patch, even over uneven pavement. There’s never a loss of grip, even where most cars would lose grip, and that allows the M240i to put always its power down.

Sure, it’s not perfect; its brakes are a bit too weak for its level of performance and its steering is a bit too numb. However, as a sort of do-it-all sports coupe; one that’s fast (and the M240i is seriously fast), handles well, comfortable, and premium; the BMW M240i is a great overall package.