Joe Achilles

The The New BMW M4 Competition Coupe UK 41 830x553

VIDEO: Joe Achilles Checks Out the new BMW M4

The video reviews for the new M3 and M4 just haven’t stopped. Then again, that’s not surprising. A new BMW M3, or in this case a BMW M4, is a very big deal. This specific…

Video: Joe Achilles shares thoughts on the MINI Cooper SE

BMW Z4 M40i San Francisco Red 34 830x553

Video: Joe Achilles Drives the BMW Z4 M40i

The BMW Z4 is quite a desirable car. Considering the changes the automotive industry is going though, the Z4 shouldn’t even exist today, when people prefer buying huge SUVs with a lot more than just…

Video: Joe Achilles Reviews the new BMW M5

The new BMW M5 is being delivered around the world to anxious owners right now and while that’s happening, the media is still having a field day reviewing the new king of the uber-sedan niche….