Customers shopping in the high-end segment have access to a plethora of personalization options. Such is the case of a 7 Series, but those with deeper pockets can take it to the next level. People in the market for BMW’s flagship who want to stand out can look beyond the options list and order unique features. Case in point, newly appointed M CEO Frank Van Meel had some juicy tidbits to share about one-offs based on the 7er.

In an interview with, the head honcho of M Town reveals there was someone who bought a 7 Series and had an unusual request. He commissioned the car with all the chrome trim pieces replaced by real silver. Not extravagant enough? Another buyer, a wealthy Scandinavian fishmonger, wanted the interior draped in fish skin.

Frank Van Meel goes on to say there is one 7 Series out there with even more bling. A mysterious customer ordered the fullsize luxury sedan with diamonds embedded in the door trim. There must have been many gemstones since an armored car had to carry the precious cargo to the factory.

The M boss made these disclosures as part of an extended interview with the Dutch magazine. The journalists asked Frank Van Meel about how luxury brands still managed to thrive in 2021.

“After the great lockdown of 2020, we saw that many customers had something to make up for, so to speak, and wanted to reward themselves after a difficult period.”

When inquired whether rear seats remain a priority for luxury buyers, he specified it varies from one car to another. He went on to say it’s still important for the 7 Series, but even for the crossovers. Consequently, BMW through its joint venture with Brilliance in China has launched X models with a longer wheelbase.

“A 7 Series has to feel like a real BMW, while passengers in the back seat crave comfort above all.”