MINI is a brand whose model lineup is in desperate need of an update. Its current lineup is seriously old now and it seems it compared to its newer competitors. Thankfully, that update is on the way, as an all-new crop of MINIs is on the way, as evidenced by these new spy photos. (We don’t own the photos but you can see them here)

This MINI Cooper 2-Door Hardtop test mule in these photos is wrapped in a yellow camouflage that reveals a lot of its design. You can tell MINI isn’t radically changing its design language, as this seems more evolutionary, however there are some notable changes.

First off, this is an all-electric MINI, however it will be named. That’s evident by its completely flat grille, its lack of exhaust pipes, and — if you didn’t notice — the “Electric Test Vehicle” badge on its sides.

The front end of this test mule seems a bit more largely styled than the current car, with larger headlights and a seemingly taller hood line. It also gets more aerodynamic flush door handles, similar to the BMW i4, and a rear tailgate aperture that seems to cut into the taillights. The taillights themselves seem more square than the current car’s, though they’re seemingly covered, to hide the actual lighting design inside the housings.

We don’t have any powertrain info just yet but we’re hoping the next-gen electric MINI will have a far more impressive setup than the current car. The current MINI Cooper SE essentially uses a BMW i3 powertrain, just flipped to the front axle, and it’s simply not good enough in this current market. It’s likely MINI will get BMW’s latest EV powertrain tech, such as its latest eDrive electric motor setup. It also needs more than the 135 miles of max range of the current car. A lot more. Hopefully, those improvements won’t increase the price too much, as the current EV MINI is among the cheapest EVs on the market.

[Source: Car Scoops]