Dormant since 2016, this BMW M3 E30 aka “Purist” has now been unearthed to star in a new video from CAS TV. Chances are it was among the first of its kind to receive an air suspension many moons ago. There’s a lot more to the sports sedan since it’s Ink Orange as a nod to the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters. Specifically, it harkens back to the BMW DTM race cars of the 1980s with their unmistakable Jägermeister livery. In fact, this one had it for six or seven months before the owner decided to take it down.

It has retained the original M3 E30 front bumper, but with the chin spoiler from an ultra-rare Evolution II to which a carbon fiber lip was attached. Since we mentioned the German Touring Car Masters, those tiny side mirrors are DTM-spec caps. To further strengthen the relationship with its DTM sibling, the owner engraved “BMW Motorsport” into the metal door handles.

Not the actual car

It might seem cheesy but lest we forget the M3 E30 was a homologation special with real racing ties. On the same subject, the rear boasts a gurney flap akin to the 1980s race car. The unique build has had a few wheel designs, including from OZ Racing and a set reminiscent of the Bugatti EB110’s BBS centerlock alloys. At the moment, it rides on AC Schnitzer Type 2 wheels measuring 18 inches.

Never Mind The Visual Upgrades, The Engine Bay Is Where The Magic Is

Cosmetic tweaks aside, the car hides a real gem under its hood since it uses the S54 taken from a 2002 E46 M3. The engine bay looks impeccable as if the M3 E30 had the newer 3.2-liter engine straight from the factory. Elsewhere, the interior was fully bathed in Alcantara. The cabin was modified about nine years ago when it got the Sport Evolution’s seats. There was an aftermarket sound system in the trunk but was ultimately removed because of its weight.

The owner happens to have no fewer than 20 other BMWs, all of which have been modified, including a V8 swap for another E30. Therefore, to say he’s a fan of products from Bavaria would be quite an understatement.

[Source: CAS TV / YouTube]