More and more professional car detailers now have channels on YouTube to share their work with a larger audience. We are finding their videos relaxing to watch, regardless of whether the subject comes from Bavaria or not. This BMW X5 from the F15 generation was in serious need of some pampering, and thankfully, the man behind Vermijl Car Detail came to its rescue.

After revitalizing the cabin of a 530e G30 earlier this month, the expert detailer from Belgium is back to work on this SUV’s exterior. The X5’s sad state was likely due to an extended period of neglect judging by the filthy wheels, not to mention the wheel well. You don’t get that amount of dirt overnight or in an off-road adventure with the BMW X5. Not that owners take their SUVs off the beaten path anyway…

Unsurprisingly, cleaning the 18-inch OEM wheels and the area around them was the most laborious part of the process. After making the alloys look as good as new, the pro detailer worked his magic to deep clean the body. There’s more to using high-quality products to obtain this result as experience is just as important.

Cleaning an older BMW’s grille is easier as the size of the kidneys has significantly increased in recent years. The X7 takes the cake among SUVs, but designers have taken things to a new level on the 4 Series. The fully electric iX also has a giant pair of kidneys, although it’s much easier to clean since it has a closed-off setup also used by the i4.

The outcome is a squeaky-clean BMW X5, which looks as if it just rolled off the Spartanburg factory’s assembly line. The SUV’s F15 generation was interesting in the sense it skipped the typical Life Cycle Impulse. The German luxury brand shortened its lifespan to five years to introduce the current G05 model launched in 2018. Spy shots have shown an LCI is being worked on for the fourth-gen SUV.

[Source: Vermijl Car Detail / YouTube]