The time has come for the current BMW X5 to get a facelift and this is an important moment for the entire BMW organization, not just this model. That’s because the X5 has become instrumental in the success of the brand overall. It’s one of the best-selling products made by the Bavarian company and it is one of the most profitable. Therefore, in the typical German fashion of doing things, we, most likely, won’t see drastic changes being applied to it, at least in terms of design.

The first prototype of the updated G05 X5 was spotted out testing earlier this week (check out the photos here) and this marks a long road until the refreshed car goes into production. Judging by the shape of the headlights, that’s where we’ll see the biggest changes in terms of design. From what we can make out, the camouflage is hiding a subtle refresh on the front fascia, with slimmed headlights and possibly a slightly bigger grille. It’s pretty hard to tell just by these shots.

Rendering by @magnus.concepts

Round the back, the changes seem a bit less intrusive, with most of the design probably remaining very close to the original design. The Germans are experts are implementing that age-old saying:
“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. However, we should see some bigger upgrades under the sheet metal. The G05 X5 is expected to enter production in LCI guise in April 2023, with a couple of new engine under the hood, from the upgraded B58 3-liter straight six mill to the upcoming S68 engine which will be a new V8, probably used on the X5 M.

Other upgrades could include the new dashboard, introduced by the iX and i4 as well the Ambient Air option that infuses the air pushed into the cabin with various flavors. One interesting upgrade our sources told us about is the introduction of the illuminated grilles, in similar fashion to the ones found on the BMW X6 already.

[] [Rendering by @magnus.concepts]