BMW or not, watching professional detailers as they bring back a car’s shine is oddly satisfying. For this reason, we couldn’t pass the opportunity to share a video of a 5 Series pampered on the inside. Just so we’re clear what we are dealing with here, it’s a current-generation G30 before the Life Cycle Impulse. Specifically, this is a 530e plug-in hybrid as denoted by the badge on the rear pillar. Tasked by a customer to revive the 5er’s posh cabin, an expert detailer from Belgium was up for the job.

Although the pre-LCI 530e was launched in 2017, we all know how delicate leather upholstery can be. It’s especially true for a cream interior like this one, but making it look great again was not an issue for Vermijl Car Detail. Also thoroughly cleaned were the floor mats and dare we say they now look as good as new.

The pro detailer paid close attention to the wood trim of this nicely equipped 530e M Sport and also cleaned the steering wheel. Reviving the front seats was the most time-consuming process, but the door panels and central armrest were also quite dirty. He spruced up the wood trim and switchgear located near the automatic transmission lever.

When the 530e originally came out, it was the sole plug-in hybrid 5 Series of this generation. However, that changed with the mid-cycle facelift when the rear-wheel-drive-only 520e became the new entry-level PHEV. The German luxury brand also added a more potent 545e available exclusively with xDrive. Should you want the 530e LCI, it comes with or without AWD.

With the G30’s replacement, BMW will take electrification to a higher level. The company has already announced a zero-emissions i5 will arrive in 2023. Before that happens, the bigger i7 is all set to break cover later this year.

[Source: Vermijl Car Detail]