The BMW M5 Pure Metal Silver Edition belonging to YouTuber Vehicle Virals is back in the news. You might remember he took delivery of the car in November 2021, only to discover it had been scratched during transport. That wouldn’t be a big problem in most cases, but the super sedan does wear a delicate paint. Anyway, his rare F10-generation saloon was recently put on a dyno to discover the amount of power delivered by the twin-turbo V8.

We’ll remind you BMW rated the 4.4-liter engine at 600 horsepower at the crank. However, just about everyone knows German luxury brands are deliberately underrating their engines. This M5 is a perfect example as it pushed out 605 hp at the wheels in the third dyno test. That substantially beats the official figure provided by the manufacturer.

Yes, the car does have a Fi aftermarket exhaust, but it can’t add more than 10 to 15 horses. Subtract that and we end up with 590 hp, which is still mighty impressive. We must consider the unwritten 10-15% “rule” regarding the drivetrain power loss. We would wager the S63 makes 650 hp at the very least at the crank or 50 hp more than the official rating.

BMW M5 Pure Metal Silver

As far as torque is concerned, the highest torque number was achieved after the first run. The engine generated a meaty 504 lb-ft, so not too far off BMW’s 516 lb-ft. The first dyno test was done in the fifth gear while the other two were in the fourth gear. At one point, the car reached 160 mph (257 km/h).

We’ll remind you BMW made 70 examples of the M5 Pure Metal Silver Edition and only 50 were sold in the United States. South Africa received the other 20 vehicles. When it debuted back in 2016, the special edition with the “most exclusive paint job” retailed for a hefty $130,900. All vehicles had carbon-ceramic brakes, 20-inch forged wheels and sat 0.4 inches closer to the road courtesy of a sports suspension.

[Source: Vehicle Virals / YouTube]