Thanks to BMW Seattle, we’re able to bring you something quite special today. “Limited Edition.” Two words that stir up emotion and perk up our ears. Everyone likes a limited edition. No one wants ordinary. Watches, teddy bears, chocolates and t-shirts. All these, at times, are offered in limited editions. Limited editions are awesome. But what happens when you pair the most powerful letter in the world, M, with the number 5? You get: M5. Whoa. That stirs up emotions. But what happens when you combine “Limited Edition” with M5?

Enter: The BMW M5 Pure Metal Silver Limited Edition

BMW M5 Pure Metal Silver Edition-BMW-Seattle-27
BMW M5 Pure Metal Silver Edition-BMW-Seattle-28 BMW M5 Pure Metal Silver Edition-BMW-Seattle-29

The only M5 that comes even close, in all categories, is the 30 Jahre Edition. But this piece is all about the Pure Metal Silver Edition, and thanks to BMW Seattle, we were able to get all up-close and personal with this silver beauty.

Aside from the fact that this special limited edition is faster, lower, more powerful and packed to the gills in options (all of which we’ve already covered in this piece here) it also happens to be 1 of only 50 examples in North America. South Africa is the only other region that plays host to the Pure Metal Silver Edition, but they only received 20 examples.

BMW M5 Pure Metal Silver Edition-BMW-Seattle-11

When I first laid eyes on the Pure Metal Silver M5 as it was being pulled into the parking garage, I imagined the Silver Surfer would step out from the driver’s seat. It’s so silver, so aggressive and so oozing in power-appeal that you could totally imagine this car as the car that the Silver Surfer drives around the cosmos when not on his silver board.

The most striking and expensive feature of this car, by far, is its paint. Due to the unique application process, Pure Metal Silver is BMW Individuals most exclusive paint job available. Its silk skin and high metal brilliance reflect light more intensely than any other color. Responsible for this unique metal gleam is the combination of a special effect pigment with a water base paint system. Hundreds of thousands of ultra-thin aluminum flakes guarantee a uniform and gleaming surface.

BMW M5 Pure Metal Silver Edition-BMW-Seattle-42

Painting a vehicle in this color is extremely delicate and requires a lot of detailed hand work. The vehicle is completely removed from the regular production processes and the surface of the car is checked three times until the surface is 100% perfect. After the paint preparation the chassis is carefully examined, and if any uneven elements are discovered, they are smoothened by hand.

In order to achieve the Pure Metal Silver look the chassis receives a glossy base coat of Glacier Silver Metal. Then, another surface check is completed prior to the application of the final coating. After cleaning the vehicle with compressed air, Pure Metal Silver is applied. Before the chassis leaves the paint shop over at the Dingolfing Plant, the finishing specialist goes over the car one last time polishing and examining it by hand before it gets the final seal of approval.

BMW M5 Pure Metal Silver Edition-BMW-Seattle-10
BMW M5 Pure Metal Silver Edition-BMW-Seattle-9 BMW M5 Pure Metal Silver Edition-BMW-Seattle-7

All this care and attention that makes this Limited Edition M5 special, comes at a cost. This particular example, which has every imaginable option except for the Bang & Olufsen sound system and Night Vision, will set you back $133,605.00. Keep in mind, the Pure Metal Silver Individual paint makes up $11,000.00 of that total cost.

BMW M5 Pure Metal Silver Edition-BMW-Seattle-32

The paint on this Limited Edition M5 truly is breathtaking. I encourage you to look at the picture gallery below to see for yourself. Or even better, if you live in Seattle, just go in and stare at it. Just know that no matter how hard we tried to capture the look, gleam and shine of this car via photos, there’s just no replacing actually seeing this beauty in real-life.

Is the paint worth $11,000.00? Depends on who you ask. What I do know is this: you don’t put caviar on wonder bread. So, if there ever was a car more deserving of such a brilliant paint job, it would most definitely be the king of the autobahn – BMW M5!

Check out the photo gallery and let us know what you think!