Stricter emissions regulations are taken their toll on the exhaust note delivered by performance cars sold in Europe. With gasoline particulate filters and other devices meant to make engines cleaner, it means an M car you buy on the Old Continent won’t offer the same audio drama as its North American sibling.

Thankfully, tuners are eager to give sports cars the soundtrack they deserve. Case in point, Capristo has a custom exhaust system for the latest BMW M3 and M4, demonstrated here on a G80 Competition model. The gasoline particulate filter (aka GPF or OPF from Otto particulate filter) we mentioned earlier has been removed, and you can easily hear for yourself the impact it has had on the inline-six’s music.

With good reason, one would argue the car should’ve sounded like this straight from the factory rather than the somewhat muted exhaust note the M3 G80 originally delivers. Italian tuner BRS Motorsport fitted the Capristo exhaust to a YouTuber’s sports sedan. We’ve checked the local product page of the quad-pipe system to discover it costs €8,300, while in the United States it can be had for $8,800.

For your money’s worth, the exhaust comes with controllable flaps providing a measured 126.7 decibels or about 20% louder than the OEM setup. While the engine is running at low speeds, the valve flaps remain closed to lend the car a deeper exhaust note. Push it hard and the flaps automatically open for a more intense sound.

Aside from the more engaging soundtrack, Capristo’s exhaust comes along with a decent bump in power. The car featured here was rated on the dyno at 520 hp, which is already 17 hp more than the factory rating. With the aftermarket exhaust, output was bumped to a healthy 532 hp attainable at 6,470 rpm.

As for torque, BMW was caught “lying” once again since the M3 Competition Sedan pumped out 693 Nm (511 lb-ft) rather than the official 650 Nm (479 lb-ft) rating. With the exhaust, the number increased to 709 Nm (523 lb-ft) at 4,062 rpm. We’d argue the owner has great taste in cars since this has to be one of the nicest specifications of the G80 we’ve seen. The exhaust setup with carbon fiber finishers is the icing on the cake.

[Source: NM2255 Car HD Videos / YouTube]