It took 68 days to make this, but the smile on his son’s face tells the father it was well worth the effort. This 16-minute video provides a wonderful timelapse of the intricate build process of what is far more than just a simple toy car made from wood. Aside from being impressively large, the Rolls-Royce Boat Tail moves under its own (electric) power and has a working suspension.

There’s more to it than that as the skilled craftsman gave it a functional steering system, thus technically making it a small EV you can actually drive. It even has functional lights inside and out, not to mention a wooden replica of the Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament sculpture. Surely the best dad ever, the artist behind this amazing build went the extra mile by sculpting a detailed dashboard and a driver’s seat big enough to fit him.

But wait, there’s more. Much like the real Boat Tail, this faithful wooden replica has the so-called “hosting suite” in the rear deck where two panels electrically rise. While there’s no fancy and ridiculously expensive champagne underneath, you will find a few glasses, crockery, and a special compartment for juice.

The attention to detail that has gone into the wooden Boat Tail is nothing short of amazing. It has hub caps with the RR logo and blue accents to mirror the bespoke 21-inch wheels designed for the ultra-exclusive vehicle. Working rear-hinged coach doors, LED lights, driver’s display, and the analog clock are just some of the finer details. We are fairly certain this wouldn’t cost $28 million like its source of inspiration, but the emotional value it holds is priceless.

Rolls-Royce itself is no stranger to electric toy cars, having built the four-wheeled SRH in 2017 for the St. Richard’s Hospital in Chichester from which it got the name. It replaced an old plastic Jeep, and much like a real car, it went back to Goodwood last year to get serviced.

[Source: ND – Woodworking Art / YouTube]