When it comes to certain cars, especially from BMW’s past, some people tend to have very strong opinions about tuning them and what can or cannot be changed. The BMW E31 8 Series is definitely on that list, especially since it was the definition of a luxurious GT car back when it arrived on the scene decades ago. The original 8er was truly a sight to behold and holds its grace incredibly well even to this day. But does its graceful styling make it the wrong car for an outlandish tuning project?

The glowing aura around the E31 8 Series makes any project draw incredible amounts of attention from a wide audience. However, the type of tuning applied to the E31 could split opinions among enthusiasts. For instance, there are the purists, who can’t accept even the slightest change in a car’s appearance, no matter the reason. Then there are the fans of heavy tuning and widebody kits, such as the specific tune we see here. Both sides are loud about their opinions on the matter.

Not the actual in the video

For the purists, the video below will seem like the most sacrilegious thing they’ve ever seen. Some might even have trouble breathing or might experience a panic attack. You have been warned! What this is, at the end of the day, is a completely custom widebody BMW E31 850Ci that was put together for last year’s SEMA show. We showed you the process behind its development back in 2021 and now we’re checking out a sort of review of it.

As for the kit itself, it’s a very rare one and even though 4-5 of them were made, this car seems to be the only one that actually had it installed. Apparently, the other owners decided to drop out at the last moment and, when you check out how much an E31 8 Series model costs today, you start to understand why they did that.