I honestly think the BMW M5 CS is the best Bimmer I’ve ever driven. It blew me away during my week with it, I couldn’t get enough. And yet, I barely scratched the surface of its capability, as I couldn’t take it to a track and the roads in New Jersey are mediocre at their very best. Even still, I absolutely fell in love with it. To the point that I thought I’d gone mad. Surely, I was exaggerating, right? It couldn’t be that good, could it? Thankfully, some far better drivers than myself seem to feel the same way.

This new video from Carfection sees Henry Catchpole drive the BMW M5 CS and come away with similar thoughts. Not only is it great to watch Catchpole drive the M5 CS and break it down but it’s incredibly reassuring for me, as it proves that I’m not mad and the big Bimmer is as good as I thought.

For context, the BMW M5 CS is the fastest, most powerful production BMW in history, thanks to its 4.4 liter twin-turbo V8 making 626 horsepower, getting it from 0-60 mph in 2.8 seconds. But that’s not what makes the M5 CS special. Instead, it’s the improved steering response, the M8 Gran Coupe’s adaptive dampers, the revised chassis bits, and lighter curb weight. It all adds up to create a product that’s more than the sum of its parts.

Because this is a Carfection video, it’s beautifully done; the filming, the editing, and the presentation is all Top Gear-good. Which is necessary for the BMW M5 CS, as it’s not just a special car but a special moment for the enthusiast community. It represents both a return to form for BMW M but also a goodbye to the super sedan as we know it. The next M5 will likely be a hybrid and, while it will probably be very good, it will struggle to match the purity of the M5 CS.

It may sound crazy to say that the BMW M5 CS is the best M car in ages and potentially the best M5 of all time but when you’re not only hearing it from me, but also from drivers far better than myself, it must be true.