With every new generation of M cars also comes a series of new M Performance Parts. From the M2 to the M3 and M8, there is a catalog of aftermarket parts to satisfy everyone’s tastes. The new BMW M3 and M4 make no exception. The M Performance Parts for the new M brothers were unveiled last year, but today, we get another look at some of them.

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As we can see in the images below, these G80/G82 M3/M4 feature a two-tone paint job – white and black – which works wonders with the blacked out aftermarket parts. We can quickly see a large fixed rear wing, new side skirts, a new lower front lip, a rear diffuser, and some canards on the front bumper. Viewed from the side, you can also spot the M Performance carbon air breathers and M Performance carbon side skirt trims.

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Directly derived from the BMW Motorsport long-distance brake pads, M Performance sports brake pads guarantee shorter braking distances, better response characteristics and high thermal resistance. They also look quite cool with black calipers. Next on the list of upgrades is the M Performance sports suspension which was developed and tuned on various different racetracks. The coilover suspension permits an infinitely variable reduction of ride height of between five and twenty millimeters (recommended lowering -10 mm vs. the M base model).

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The most interesting piece is the new exhaust system. While all M cars for the past couple of decades have had four exhaust pipes, two at either side of the rear end, this car’s quad pipes are a bit unusual. They’re huddled much closer together which apparently will also improve the sound.

You can see the exhaust system in the photos below and you can also listen to its sound, thanks to our exclusive video:

[Images: Instagram @ok1racing and @dsap_25]