There’s a new generation of BMW X2 on the way, codename U10. It is rumored to start production in late 2023 and for the first time, it will bring a full spectrum of drivetrains. While the BMW iX2 electric crossover isn’t exactly confirmed, we’re fairly confident such a car is on the way. The BMW iX2 will likely share its powertrain with the upcoming BMW iX1, itself an electrified version of the next-gen X1.

All X1/X2 variants will be based on the same FAAR flexible architecture, which has been designed to handle both internal combustion engines and electrification. While powertrain specs for the BMW iX2 haven’t been announced just yet, as the car itself hasn’t even been announced just yet, it’s likely going to be some variation of the BMW iX3 powertrain. The base model BMW iX3 uses a single rear electric motor to make 282 horsepower. The iX2 would likely be front-wheel drive, instead of rear-wheel drive, but electric motors really don’t care where they go.

Before the iX2, BMW will launch its first electric X1. The BMW iX1 to look nearly identical to the standard X1, as the iX3 looks nearly identical to the standard X3. The upcoming BMW X1 is slated to go in production in July, next year. It will use the same engines as the ones already available on the new 2 Series Active Tourer and add electric ones to the list on the iX1 versions.

From what we understand, the upcoming BMW iX2 will go into production sometime at the tail end of 2023. Which would likely mean a market launch of sometime in the first half of 2024. Along with its iX1 sibling, the BMW iX2 will likely be one of the brand’s entry-level EVs and, being a supposedly sporty-looking crossover, it will likely sell very well. Seeing a bunch of suburbanites driving around in small electric BMW crossovers will certainly help sell more EVs for BMW. So despite the BMW iX2 sounding about as good as dog food for breakfast to most enthusiasts, its existence will be a good thing for the brand.