A new generation of the BMW X1 is about to hit the market, replacing the surprisingly good second generation car. When it does, it will also bring with it a special model variant, one that will likely be huge for the Bavarians — the BMW iX1.

The BMW iX1 will be an all-electric version of the standard X1, build on the same FAAR flexible front-wheel drive architecture. BMW hasn’t released any specs just yet but it wouldn’t be surprising to see it packing a similar electric powertrain setup as the iX3. That would give it an 80 kWh battery pack and a single 282 horsepower electric motor. Though, it will likely power its front wheels, rather than its rears, like the iX3 does.

It’s possible that it actually gets the MINI Electric powertrain, with a 32.6 kWh battery and a single 181 horsepower motor at its front wheels. Though, to distance itself from the cheaper MINI, BMW’s likely to go with the iX3 setup.

Image by @wilcoblok on Instagram

Also expect the BMW iX1 to look nearly identical to the standard X1, as the iX3 looks nearly identical to the standard X3. There will likely be some blue bits, maybe some snazzy aerodynamic wheels, and blanked off front grilles. Aside from those things, though, it will be tough to distinguish an IX1 from the standard X1 without really looking closely.

I’m excited by the idea of the iX1. The current X1 is such a good overall package for BMW fans that have young families; it’s fun enough to drive, practical, comfortable, and sports a nice looking cabin. If the next-gen X1 improves on all of those attributes and the BMW iX1 just adds electrification, it should be a home run. Considering how many customers already buy X1s, if BMW prices it right, the iX1 could become the brand’s best selling EV.

[Source: Auto Express]