Many people consider the BMW 1M Coupe to be one of the best (if not the best) cars the German car maker has ever put in production. That’s even more impressive if you think about how the 1M came to be, basically being an improvisation done by some dedicated engineers who saw the potential in this car. Nevertheless, the 1M is one of those very few cars out there, to not only hold its value from day one but actually go up slightly in recent years.

For some people, the resell value matters very little. These are the sort of people that buy things just for their own personal pleasure, to actually enjoy them, not keep them in storage for decades. They more likely can afford that and are not looking to make a quick buck by not driving such a car just because adding mileage on it will damage its value later on. Because if that was the case with every single 1M owner out there, the car below wouldn’t exist today.

There are few things you could do to a car worse than swapping its engine, when it comes to damaging its resell value. That’s exactly what this car went through, as it now apparently houses an S65 4-liter V8 from an E92 M3. Now, that might sound perfect to some people, especially those who have something against turbocharged engines, but in all fairness, it does take away a lot from the car’s initial design, in all fairness.

One of the essential characteristics that made the 1M Coupe special when it first came out (as the commercials highlighted) was its perfect 50:50 weight distribution. That’s no longer the case, when you install an engine that literally has 30 percent more cylinders under the hood. But, does that extra weight up front ruin the dynamics of the car at the end of the day? Let’s see.