At SEMA 2021, Toyo Tires had a helluva stand. Ken Block and Hoonigan’s Brian Scotto showed off their killer classic Audis and designer Joshua Vides showed off this one-off E30 BMW M3. The car started out life as a bone-stock 1989 BMW M3, which is admittedly pretty incredible as it is. BMW enthusiasts would give their houses for a perfect stock E30 M3. However, this Toyo Tires x Joshua Vides M3 is slightly modified.

For starters, Vides hand painted it, giving it his own custom livery. The car is white, with Vides’ livery painted in black. What’s cool about the livery is that it actually looks like a genuine motorsport livery, just with Vides’ own unique style and, of course, a hand-painted look. It’s a testament to Vides’ skill that the livery looks both incredibly precise but also looks deliberately hand-painted, so you know it isn’t some decal kit for sponsors but an actual work of art.

Mechanically, the E30 M3 is slightly modified, more like OEM+. Obviously, it wears Toyo Proxes Sport A/S tires, being that it’s a Toyo-sponsored car. But it also sits on lowered H&R springs and BBS RS-17 wheels. The latter of which look absolutely *chef’s kiss* on the E30 M3.

It’s a simple car, with a simple but stylish livery, slightly lowered suspension for a better look and improved handling, and some new tires that will far outperform any of the tires the E30 M3 could have had in 1989. It’s actually refreshing, just how simple and tasteful this car is.

The Toyo Tire stand at SEMA 2021 had some incredible cars, cars that enthusiasts would sprint over to see in person, but even still this Vides-painted E30 BMW M3 was among the coolest. It’s hard to not like an E30 M3 in any form but this one’s slick livery and subtle mods make it special.

[Photos: Instagram @joshuavides @toyotires and @teamtoyousa]