Who says you need a world-famous artist to make a great looking BMW Art Car? Forget Warhol, Calder, and Stella, you can find a cool looking Art Car from some unexpected places. What if, for instance, you were to see a BMW, completely covered in art, but it was actually done by middle school children? That’s exactly what you’re looking at here, as this BMW i3 was painted by middle school students, with sustainability being its main theme.

In Charlotte, North Carolina, the PD Parents’ Association, in conjunction with Hendrick Luxury Group, unveiled a stunning display of art meeting technology, all the while stressing the importance of sustainability. They used a BMW i3, which rolled onto campus, fully wrapped, with a drip-art designed by PD’s Middle School art students. Led by art teachers Lindsay Woog and Tyson Watson, 110 student collaborated and created designs inspired by contemporary LA-based artist, Jen Stark. Stark is best known for using psychedelic colors in patterns and drips that mimic intricate motifs found in nature.

Using the aforementioned drip-art technique, nine students were chosen to focus their design on PD and BMW’s sustainability campaign principles and messaging; RE:THINK, RE:DUCE, RE:USE, RE:CYCLE, Sustainability, Gratitude, Community, PD and Clock Tower. From a far, you’d never know this student art car BMW i3 wasn’t an official BMW commission. It looks every bit as cool, funky, and artsy as any of the professionally done Art Cars. To contrast the incredibly colorful drip-art design are gloss black wheels and trim. Even the typical blue BMW i accents compliment the the vibrant design,

The final drip art mural is on display in the Fine Arts Foyer, on the PD campus. If you have the time, please go and check out this fascinating art installation:

[Photos: instagram.com/krispycaptures]