With a few exceptions such as the Audi R8 and the Lamborghini Huracan or Aventador, naturally aspirated engines are a thing of the past in Europe. Forced induction has allowed automakers to squeeze out more power from their engines and comply with stricter emissions regulations. While this may look like a win-win situation, there’s something magical about the linear power delivery of a NA.

For those who are not longing for the ol’ days and just want more oomph from a modern classic, turbocharging or supercharging is the way to go. Take for example this BMW 3 Series Coupe from the E46 generation in the 330i guise, with its straight-six M54 engine no longer naturally aspirated. German tuner Infinitas has cammed in a supercharger to extract an additional 69 horsepower and 60 Newton-meters (44 pound-feet) of torque.

The 3.0-liter unit now pumps out a nice round figure of 300 hp along with a respectable 360 Nm (266 lb-ft), thus getting the 330i closer to the levels of output delivered by the M3 during the early 2000s. You wouldn’t be able to tell it hides a secret under the hood as the 3 Series Coupe is all-original on the outside, and in great condition, we might add.

bmw E46 3 Series 1900x1200 03 750x500

The cabin is also in nice shape, save for some minor wear and tear noticeable on the door armrest, but that’s to be expected from a car that has been in use for two decades. You can easily tell the engine packs more punch than before, and corroborated with the manual gearbox, this E46 is a real hoot. Living near the Autobahn has its perks as you can push the pedal to the metal without having to look at the speedometer.

Doing nearly 170 mph (270+ km/h) is nothing to write home about, even for a car built in 2001, but you get there significantly quicker thanks to the supercharger. The engine pulls strongly through the gears and gives the impression it always has a reserve of power at the driver’s disposal. We’d still go with the original NA version, but it’s completely understandable why some would opt for a supercharger.

[Source: TopSpeedGermany / YouTube]