The sound of a six cylinder BMW M3 E46 engine starting up is amazing. Such an elegant purr, as the solid German built engine kicks in. It’s a delicious sound indeed! I’m sure the many readers of BMWBLOG are aware of this familiar sound! The pristine full leather interior with its top quality material, all around. Even the the aroma of the leather is very pleasant.

The E46 M3s models tend to age EXTREMELY well. How often do you drive past an old 2004, 05, 06 plate BMW M3 and still think? “Wow, that’s a nice bimmer!” They have a very distinctive look about them; a unique attitude and image that is instantly recognizable.

The power delivery from the rear wheel drive is unimaginable, far superior to front wheel drives in my view (provided you don’t drive like a lunatic). Just a far better set up for all round driving conditions. Yes, I know they can be challenging in the snow without a proper set of winter tires.

But quite frankly, I don’t care. The benefits outweigh the odd day when it’s snowing heavily…. Oh how scary!

This is why we keep the X5 in the garage during the summer, isn’t it?

Traction control is an evil form of alchemy. I never understood the need for the wheels to stop spinning by their own accord. I like to turn that switch off and have some back spin. It’s just another blanket punishment, because reckless drivers who don’t respect the mighty BMW, rear wheel drives and the awesome torque and power they can thrust upon the very lucky person in the hot-seat!

I love the BMW M3 E46 manual gear box. As much as I love the automatic box, you simply cannot compete with a stick shift, they really are so much joy to operate, as you glide around corners, then, drop a gear (or two) and blast away as the engine hums like a Germanic wild animal, ripping up the tarmac like a monster, the sweet scent of premium petroleum, leaves a crispy smell in the air behind the beautiful BMW rear end.

It’s more than a car – its poetry in motion.

Despite being quite old in terms of registration year, the BMW M3 (E46) is still a fantastic car, just bear in mind they have big 3.2 Liter petrol engine so they do guzzle the gas slightly, especially if you’re a heavy footed driver. They are not the most “economical” of vehicles on the market.

Overall – I would still highly recommend you buy one during the summer, the hot weather and better road conditions are a perfect setting for this beast to really open up and cruise down the autobahn as they were intended.