This new BMW 2 Series is an exciting new car for enthusiasts. I’ve seen some debate about its styling; some love it and some don’t; but the way it drives seems to impress unanimously. The top-of-the-line (until the M2 comes out) BMW M240i is the one most enthusiasts want to learn about, due to its punchy inline-six and sportier handling. If you’re a potential buyer and want to really see what the M240i is like in person; its look, its interior, its tech, and the way it drives; then you should check out this video from Autogefühl.

Let’s start with the exterior, as it’s the most controversial bit. While there are a lot of design details that seem to please at least most of the fanbase; such as the new kidney grilles and its overall silhouette; there are also some details that don’t please everyone, such as the new headlights and front air intakes.

Inside, the M240i’s cabin will be familiar for anyone that’s driven a modern BMW. The steering wheel, iDrive system, dashboard, center console, and even the seats are all BMW parts-bin stuff. However, it does get some unique door panels with some interesting trim bits. At least the material quality is high, though, and it feels solid. While it won’t wow many people with its design, it does feel like a premium product inside and it looks sporty.

However, none of that matters once you drive it. Thanks to its 3.0 liter turbocharged B58 inline-six engine, the BMW M240i makes 382 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque, which makes it seriously fast. But it’s more than just a straight-line muscle car. Turn-in is sharp and its steering is pinpoint accurate, like a proper BMW should be. At the same time, the ride is supple enough and its cabin is quiet, making it a more mature sports car, which reminds us of cars like the E46 3 Series.

This new BMW M240i might be among the best Bimmers of the modern era. We’ll have to get it on a longer test to make that claim for sure but videos like this one certainly give us hope.