While it may seem like just an off-beat concept for many, the MINI Vision Urbanaut actually might be a preview for some bigger changes down the line. MINI officials have repeatedly said that it shouldn’t be overlooked as it might serve as the base for a lot of different things in the future. While the global debut of the car took place in Munich, earlier this year, the U.S. fans haven’t had the chance to see it in the metal yet.

That changed yesterday as selected customers and media encountered the Urbanaut at [SPACE] by BMW in Los Angeles. The innovative space, located in The Grove retail and entertainment complex, in Los Angeles, was created with the help of BMW and its designers and was considered the perfect location for such an unveiling. That’s because the car itself and the [SPACE] share some common traits like creative use of every inch available and sustainability, among others.

“At MINI Design we believe that the best way to understand the overall concept behind the MINI Vision Urbanaut is to experience it. The feeling of space and the innovative materials are just asking to be explored. That is why it was very important for us from the outset to also make a physical model of the MINI Vision Urbanaut,” said Oliver Heilmer, Head of MINI Design. “And now that moment has come. We have planned and built every aspect of the model – which allows people to experience all of the facets of the MINI Vision Urbanaut – at our MINI Design Studio in Munich.”

The MINI Vision Urbanaut concept maximizes its use of space as a small urban car, both inside and out, to provide a direct perspective of MINI’s innovative ideas for the future of mobility. Therefore, the goal of the car is still to create unforgettable memories for the occupants, but not necessarily from behind the wheel.

The efficiency of space translates to a sustainable design, as well, which will be reflected in upcoming MINI vehicles. The Urbanaut’s interior was created without leather or chrome, which will be rolled out in the next MINI model generation, and its electric drive system ensures locally emission-free mobility.