The BMW X3 is the brand’s best selling car and for good reason. It’s spacious, comfortable, has a great interior, and is genuinely nice to drive. It’s probably a better overall package than the 3 Series, despite no car enthusiasts wanting to admit that. So it’s an important car for BMW, which is why this new LCI facelift needs to be a hit and it seems like it will be.

In these new photo galleries, we get to see the South African market BMW X3 LCI in two different colors; Sophisto Grey and Brooklyn Grey. The former of which is on an X3 xDrive20d, the entry-level diesel variant, and the latter is on an X3 M40i, the punchy M Performance variant.

First up, let’s take a look at the Sophisto Grey model. It’s a darker, more subdued, more handsome grey than its Brooklyn Grey sibling. We can see this becoming a very popular color, especially in today’s monochromatic market. So few customers get interesting colors anymore, which is a shame, and greys are more popular than ever. A handsome, dark grey like this is going to be a big seller, especially on more chill model variants like the xDrive20d.

BMW X3 xDrive20d Sophisto Grey

Next up is the BMW X3 M40i in Brooklyn Grey, which is far more stylish for a couple of reasons. For starters, it’s an M40i, which gives it more aggressive looks up front, a lower ride height, and flashier wheels. It’s clearly the performance model. Though, the lighter flat grey is far more stylish and modern looking, which will make it more popular with younger customers. It’s similar to Audi’s Nardo Grey, though a bit lighter, which has been that brand’s most popular color for many years. So Brooklyn Grey will likely be a big seller for BMW’s younger audience.

BMW X3 M40i Brooklyn Grey

The BMW X3 LCI is a good looking SUV that keeps its winning formula, while updating the bits that needed updating, such as the grille, some interior bits, and its cabin tech. For existing X3 customers, this LCI version is going to make them very happy when they trade in their old car.

[Photos by BMW of South Africa]