Today is all about the BMW iX, as today is the day all media embargos lifted for drive reviews. Horatiu was able to drive the iX in Germany a few weeks back and he provided his thoughts. Other publications have as well and the reviews seem mostly positive. It seems that, despite its oddball looks, the BMW iX is actually quite good to drive and its interior is earning mostly high praise from those that have driven it.

However, style is still very important. It’s what attracts customers to cars before anything else and, for customers spending as much money as the iX costs, they want their car to look good. These new photo galleries show of the new iX, in two different color schemes, to provide a better look at the brand’s first bespoke EV since the i3.

Alpine White BMW iX

The BMW iX’s style is polarizing. It looks mostly minimalist and simple; with its thin headlights and taillights, flush door handles, and clean lines; but then it also has a massive, unnecessarily large fake grille design and flashy wheels. So it’s hard to get a read on what the iX is supposed to be. I don’t think it’s bad looking, and like some angles quite a bit, but it’s just a bit weird as a whole.

Darker colors seem to work better for the BMW iX, such as the Sophisto Grey seen below. While Alpine White looks fine, it’s just a bit boring. Credit that minimalist profile and back end. Also, darker colors lessen the visual impact of the large “grilles”.

Sophisto Grey BMW iX

However, I find it hard to fault the interior design. It’s open, airy, uber luxurious, and filled with rich materials. There’s technology for days, including an all-new iDrive8 infotainment system and an electrochromic sunroof, which can switch from opaque to transparent with the push of a button. In my humble opinion, the BMW iX has the best cabin of any BMW product maybe ever. It’s sensational.

As for how it drives, you’ll have to check our drive reviews to find that out.