BMW is apparently looking to reinvent the doors on their car. A new concept was reportedly patented by the Bavarian company. According to this report, the Munich-based manufacturer filed for a patent, for a new way of opening the doors that combines the traditional functionality with an additional split on the roof. The new design idea aims to offer easier access inside the cabin. Think of it as a combination between classic car doors and the falcon doors on the Tesla Model X.

From what we can make out from the patent drawings, the roof would be cut in the back, so that a set of extra ‘doors’ would open upwards, to create considerably more space for the rear occupants. Furthermore, the drawings seem to point to a three row SUV, which means we could see this technology in action on future X7 models or something entirely new. This could, in theory, offer better access to third row occupants.

The patent filing apparently mentions the need for such an innovation, in order to leave more room for an ‘energy-storing device’. That’s most likely a hint at a battery pack and this would also mean that’s meant to be used on the future Neue Klasse models. As for the way this new mechanism will work, the patent says that it could be used in two different ways. One would be independently from the side doors, with the roof openings being operated separately, and one version in which they would activate in tandem with the side doors.

The best way to use this system would apparently be the latter, in which both ‘doors’ open at the same time, synchronized. Whether that’s how it will turn out or not (or if it will be used on a production car at all) remains to be seen. It does make for a very interesting concept though and, with the advancement of electric cars and the possibilities they bring forward, anything is possible. Most likely, if this is to enter production, we’ll first see it as a concept, to get a better grasp of what BMW is trying to achieve here.

[Top image features the i8 doors, not the actual patent filling]