As surprising as it may seem, we’re getting closer to the launch of the facelifted versions of the 8 Series models by the day. Yes, the 8 Series revival took place in 2018 and it’s already time to see it get a facelift, although we’re not sure that’s warranted. The 8 Series still looks amazing, no matter the body style, and no visual changes are needed in our book. That’s what BMW is most likely going with too, judging by the video below.

As you can see, even though the two cars in the footage are wearing camouflage, it feels like there isn’t going to be a ton of change. Sure, some small details will be changed here and there on the front and rear fascias but that’s about it. What we will get though is a series of new color choices, both for the body and the wheels. As you can see, both protoypes seem to wear new shades of color. The Coupe looks like it’s dressed in San Remo Green while the Gran Coupe wears a possibly new shade of blue.

Another detail comes in the wheel department, as you’re definitely going to notice the gold hue they have. They seem to be borrowing a page out of the M5 CS book and we’re curious whether they will be offered on the 8 Series facelift once it comes out. The 8 Series Gran Coupe adopted a much more conservative approach. Apart from the exterior changes, the interior will also get a small upgrade, as we’ve seen before.

The dashboard will get a bigger screen while the materials used inside will probably be more varied and have a more colorful palette. Under the hood nothing much will change. Judging by the sound these two cars make during their runs on the Nurburgring, they are M850i models, the V8 being kept on for the facelifted version. We’ll still get straight six engines as well on the 840i and 840d in Europe. Production of the updated 8er will kick off in March, 2022.