The BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe is one of the best looking Bimmers on sale. If there’s one design caveat for some customers, it could be that it’s a bit too reserved looking. Unless you get the BMW M8, the standard 8 Series Gran Coupe can look a bit tame, leaning more toward elegance and luxury, instead of sportiness. If you’re an 8er GC owner and want to add some spice to your life, you can get it from 3D Design.

As always, 3D Design offers some of the best, most high-quality aftermarket parts for the 8 Series Gran Coupe, just as it does with all Bimmers. For these design mods, though, you’re going to need at least an M Sport package as a base. Any 8 Series Gran Coupe with the M Sport package, or the M850i (which comes with M Sport touches as-standard), will do. Though, these mods are not for the BMW M8 Gran Coupe.

For the BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe, you can get a new front spoiler, new side skirts, a rear diffuser, and a rear trunk lip spoiler added, to give it some more visual aggression. Typical of 3D Design, all of the added aero bits are made from carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP).

Also typical of 3D Design, there are some upgrades for the interior as well. The iconic 3D Design paddle shifters are available, in either aluminum or carbon fiber, and there are upgraded aluminum pedals, as well. The former make a big difference, as the standard BMW paddles are a bit lame-sauce.

If you want some mechanical upgrades as well, 3D Design provides brake packages, wheel upgrades, and even exhaust systems. So you can have your 8er GC driving and sounding better than ever before.

These new 3D Design parts can make a big difference to the look, feel, and sound of your BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe. It’s already such a good looking car, adding these parts can send it over the top and make it a truly special looking car, one that gets you excited every time you walk up to it, and away from it.