Earlier this week BMW announced the launch of its own streaming platform, Joytopia. To make sure things go smoothly and the launch makes a big splash, the people in Munich got Coldplay to perform a live concert inside the virtual world offered by Joytopia. The concert was first live streamed on September 5 and, unfortunately, there was so much demand for it that not everyone could connect to the server at the same time. Taken aback by the sheer numbers of Joytopia and Coldplay fans, BMW decided to share the concert on YouTube as well.

The video below also explains quite obviously what Joytopia actually is. It’s a virtual world, where visitors and members can create their own avatars, according to their personal preference. You can choose from a wide variety of possible combinations, to make sure your virtual self actually resembles you. That’s not all though, as you can take your avatar and do a number of things within Joytopia.

You can dance, explore, walk around and the list goes on. Since the video below shows exactly how things went down at the Coldplay concert, you can just see for yourself how this whole virtual environment shapes up once you’re inside. The concert is not to be left out either. It was designed and produced specifically for BMW and includes some of Coldplay’s greatest hits. You can hear tracks like Higher Power, A Sky Full of Stars, Magic and Viva la Vida.

One of the best parts of Joytopia is hearing a very familiar and well-known voice guide you through it. Yes, there’s an official valet inside in the shape of a fox. Listen closely and you might discover hints of Hans Landa. That’s because Christoph Waltz agreed to be the voice of this digital fox and guide you through the virtual maze.