BMW took a different turn at the Munich-hosted IAA Mobility show, presenting a concept that’s meant to be 100% recyclable. It’s a different approach because it goes further than just making an electric car. The difficult part of making cars more eco-friendly isn’t limited to just cutting tailpipe emissions to zero, but also making the whole process better in every way. That was the goal behind the BMW i Vision Circular concept.

Now, I know what you may be thinking. Some of you have also expressed your thoughts on it in the comments section. Sure, it may not be the prettiest car in the world but, the BMW i Vision Circular wasn’t meant to be pretty in the first place. This is just an exercise into what can be done, not what will be done. Don’t look at it and think this is going to form the foundation for a future vehicle. That’s never the case with Vision models.

Instead, the focus for the i Vision Circular was on the materials used, the assembly process and so on. This was created from the ground up so that it would be recyclable. In order for that to happen, some corners had to be cut. In some instances, literally. That’s why BMW’s Head of Design came around to explain exactly what you’re looking at here. But why is design important in the process of making cars more eco-friendly?

Well, in order to create 100% recyclable cars, you need to develop them as such from the get go. Furthermore, they need to use less materials, less raw products and whatever they use needs to be sourced responsibly. That narrows down the options by quite a lot and leaves very little room for exercises in any way. Domagoj also explains that the double kidney simply had to be on the front end of the car, even though it was changed, drastically. There’s a lot more insight into the entire process hidden in this video so you might want to give it a look over.